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Competition Calendar

We have been looking closely at our competition schedule for the start of next year (Sept-March) and making sure that every squad has a progression in the opportunity of events they have available to them as well as racing more frequently. The below table outlines what and when we will compete and who each competition is directed towards. Below the table is a guideline for each squad about what and how many events your swimmers should be entering and what standard we should be aiming towards. 
Please note that these competitions may change and events maybe added. 

Somerset Counties (22nd/28th/29th Jan/4th Feb) - All squads who qualify (On an individual basis)

British Swimming Champs, QT's and Level 1 (1st-4th March) - All who qualify and Performance

Level 3 Spring Fling (21st & 22nd April 2018) - Skills, Dev 1 and 2 at Millfield Pool

**** For explanations of meet levels please clink here sport/licensed-meets/ ****
Competition Guidelines: 

Pre-Skills Squad:
  • Swimmers are still working on basic stroke mechanics and the FUNdamentals of competitive swimming.
  • Their focus is to build solid competitive strokes and enjoy swimming more than once a week with aspirations to compete.
  • They are still working towards being able to execute a racing dive.
  • We introduce Pre-skills to friendly 'home' meets at the Oxley pool in an environment that is safe. 
  • Time trials and our club championships are perfect for this level. 
  • They should be aiming to race 25m (one length) on Freestyle, backstroke and breastroke. 
  • We expect Pre-skill swimmers to make common mistake when racing at this stage, it is all about learning in this squad. 
Skills squad:
  • Swimmers in this squad should be focusing on swim skills -building on their technique. 
  • They are focusing on making their starts, turns and dives legal under FINA rules and learning how to hold their stroke technique at faster speeds over longer distances, while maintaining the correct body position 
  • They should be aiming to compete in our time trials, Level 4 and level 3 meets if they have the qualifying times. We advise that swimmers race in the time trials first so we have realistic entry times for them.
  • They should be competing in 50m (2 lengths) of freestyle, backstroke and breastroke and your coach should advise the swimmer if they are ready to swim in 50m butterfly and 100m events.
  • Swimmers should select up to 2 events from each session at an open meet and ONLY compete in 2 sessions over the 2 days- for example one full day or 2 half days. 
Development 1 squad:
  • Swimmers in this squad are training to train.
  • They are working on the 3 'S' - skills, speed and stamina to make a better swimmer.
  • Swimmers should be racing in our time trials, open meets at level 4 and should be gaining level 3 qualifying times.
  • They should be competing in all four 50m (2 lengths) events (freestyle, backstroke, breastroke and butterfly)
  • Dev 1 swimmer should be working towards racing 100m events, including the 100m IM and their coaches will advise if they are ready to race in 200m freestyle.
  • Development 1 swimmers should swim in 2 events from each session and compete in 3 sessions over the weekend for example: 1 half day and 1 full day. 
  • We expect Development 1 swimmers to take all the opportunities to race throughout the year.
Development 2 squad:
  • Swimmers in this squad are training to race.
  • They should be working towards county qualifying times
  • Dev 2 swimmers should be racing in all four 50m events, and 100m of freestyle, backstroke, breastroke and IM. They should be working towards racing 200m freestyle and IM. 
  • Swimmers should race in 2 or more events in each session over the full weekend. 
  • Dev 2 swimmers should be aspiring to be regional swimmers with swimming as their main sport. Learning how to train in morning sessions is important for their swimming journey. 
Potential 1 squad:
  • Swimmers are continuing the training to race stage, learning how to pace and use race tactics.
  • They should be county swimmers working on gaining regional qualifying times.
  • Potential 1 swimmers should maintain a varied racing menu however they may start to see strengths in certain distances or strokes.
  • Swimmers should be looking to race in all competitions available to them with clear goals set at the start of the season. At this stage goals should be reassessed regularly as a steep improvement is often seen at this point. 
  • Swimmers should be adding 200m of breastroke and backstroke to their competition line up as well as 400m freestyle.
For Potential 2 and Performance guidelines please ask your coaches. 
We hope this gives you a better understanding of the expectations on your swimmers and the processes they need to go through to progress in their swimming journey. 
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask your coaches or email

I will be visiting Goldenstones every Monday and Wednesday evening so please do communicate with us should you have any further queries.