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YDSC Club Championships 2018

Entries are just £3 per event and please note this is a non-licensed event and so times gained will be 'time trial' times and will not appear on the Swim England official records of times.

As last year's Pink v Blue format was so successful, we are keeping the same format again in order to engender the same team spirit as we witnessed last year, however there have been some changes to the allocation of events as follows (and also explained in the attached meet pack):
Swimmers 8 Years and Under may select up to a maximum of 5 races of choice from the 25M or 50M distances or 100M Individual Medley.
Swimmers 9 Years and Over are to select up to a maximum of 5 races of free choice from any of the listed events EXCEPT 25M distances.  The squad coach will then select an additional ‘Coach’s Pick’ event on the swimmers behalf.  This will likely be an event that he/she may not normally try, or to encourage experimentation in a new event (Total for the day: 6 events).  All swimmers in the 9 years and Over categories are encouraged to participate in the full 6 event quota, including the Coach’s pick.  This is in order to maximise the 'Team' ethos throughout the day.
Allocation into Pink and Blue teams, together with the final schedule timings will be confirmed once all entries are in and Head Coach Ian will have the final say in all queries relating to Pink/Blue allocation and Coaches Picks.
Please complete the attached YDSC Cover Sheet.  Note this must be handed to or sent directly to Nicky using her Oxley post box as detailed on the cover sheet (or hand in at Oxley reception).  If you need to Scan the cover sheet rather than send it then please send it to [email protected] and NOT to Nicky's personal email accounts.
There plan is that there will be a BBQ during the 1-hour lunch break and hopefully more besides.  It is likely that we will not give out medals on the day but save them for award at the Summer Fun day and Presentation Afternoon along with trophies so that there something for everyone to collect (watch this space)! 
Good luck everyone!
Meet Pack
Application form