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What is Swim 21?

Swim 21 is the SA's Club Development model - a planning tool, based on the principles of Long Term Athlete Development, enabling clubs to help athletes, teachers, coaches and administrtors to achieve their full potential.  It focuses particularly on the needs of athletes - striving to provide them with the best possible support and environment.

Swim 21 Accreditation is a 'Quality Mark'.  It recognises nationally and regionally the clubs that are committede to providing safe, effective and quality services for the benefit of their members.

Swim21 Club Essential Accreditation Letter

Swim21 Club Essential Certificate

Swimmers Code of Conduct

Parents Code of Conduct

Coach/Teacher's Code of Conduct

Officals Code of Conduct

YDSC Succession Plan

Workforce Job Description

Certificate of Employers Liability

YDSC Equity Policy

BS Anti-Doping Rules

YDSC Constitution


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