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Development 2

This page contains information for the Development 1 Squad:

Please check the new timetable carefully (and notes below relating to your squad) and if you do have any queries, please let us know.  Many swimmers will now be in new squads and everyone should by now have been notified if that is the case.  
The committee and coaching staff are constantly looking at ways to increase pool time or expand on our available pool space so it is probable that September's timetable will be a 'work in progress' and require an update again in October so please watch this space and bear with us.
Development 2
Please note that there is a change in your training schedule on Wednesdays.  We have replaced Wednesday night training with Wednesday morning at Goldenstones from 6.30-7.30am. 
This is for several reasons;
1. We noticed that the attendance for Wednesday nights session was one of the lowest throughout the week and deduced that was due to the late finish. 
2. Potential Squad is the next level that Development 2 swimmers should be aspiring to. The step up in training time and expectations is quite steep and we would like to bridge that gap. One of the major additions in the Potential squad is the addition of morning training. We have incorporated one morning a week at a very reasonable time to ease Development 2 into the introductions to mornings. 
Please also note that this session will also be used as a link session for Development 1 swimmers and Coach Richards will be dropping in from time to time. 
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to Coach Richards at