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Development 1

This page contains information for the Development Squad:

Lead Coach - Sharyn Meeks

Assistant Coach -

Please find attached the revised timetable which comes into effect on 2nd September.  Please be aware that owing to a reduction in pool time with the loss of Leweston as an available pool, together with the temporary closure of Millfield for the Performance Squad, the committee have had to make changes that will affect all squads with the exception of Skills and Pre-skills.
Please check the new timetable carefully (and notes below relating to your squad) and if you do have any queries, please let us know.  Many swimmers will now be in new squads and everyone should by now have been notified if that is the case.  We are no longer running the 'Junior' and 'Teen' squads and affected swimmers should have been notified of alternatives available if you wish to continue?
The committee and coaching staff are constantly looking at ways to increase pool time or expand on our available pool space so it is probable that September's timetable will be a 'work in progress' and require an update again in October so please watch this space and bear with us?
Development 1
Those Development 1 swimmers identified as 'Development 1 Link' Swimmers have been invited to join Development 2 on a Wednesday morning in replacement of the Wednesday evening session.  Those who have not been invited to join the link session should note that the Wednesday Evening session is now 19:00 to 20:00 (i.e. 1-hour earlier).