Yeovil District Swimming Club is committed to dealing effectively with any concerns or complaints you may have about our club. We aim to clarify any issues about which you are not sure. If possible, we will put right any mistakes we may have made. If we got something wrong we’ll apologise, and where possible we’ll try to put things right. We also aim to learn from our mistakes and use the information we gain to improve our swimming club.

For any concerns that you or your child may have that are a non-child safeguarding concern, please contact the Club Chair and Welfare Officer who will advise you of the steps that must be followed to resolve your complaint or concern.

In the rare event where complaints/concerns are not resolved informally then the issue needs to be logged and a Club Complaint Form completed. You can email the Club Chair or Welfare Officer to request a club complaint form to be sent to you or download it from the Swim England website and once completed these are to be returned to the Welfare Officer. This must be done within 14 days of the issue that has caused the concern/complaint and this will then be resolved by using guidance set out by Swim England which can be found on our website.