In light of the re-opening of swimming pools, YDSC has been able to return to pool training. This is a significant milestone in returning to the ‘new normal’ for the swimming club and we thank the Committee, coaching staff and our pool providers for enabling us to get back into the water so quickly. Although training is not yet back to pre-covid 19 levels, we are continuing to carry out land training both in person and online and our swimmers have thoroughly enjoyed being back in the pool  (in reduced group numbers).

The committee is meeting regularly to discuss the COVID-19 situation, considering all of the facts as we know them and consulted with our Pool providers, Head Coach and of course our Governing Body, Swim England. Please be assured that the Committee will be, at all times, taking the welfare and well being of our swimmers, parents, coaches and officials into account when making any decisions that directly affect our training timetable in the light of Covid-19.

We are very much aware that the current situation is not ideal and we are working hard to ensure that we can improve the quality and quantity of training offered to the swimmers, whilst ensuring we do so in a covid safe way.