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Improved Development Swimmer - Boy

Improved Development Swimmer - Girl

Improved Potential Squad - Boys

Improved Potential Squad - Girl (Harry Cutts Shield)

Improved Skills Swimmer - Boy

Improved Skills Swimmer - Girl

Phill Thomas Trophy

Swimmer of the Year - Female

Swimmer of the Year - Male

The Perrows Endeavour Award Boys

The Perrows Endeavour Award Girls

R. Blackburn Award for Personal Endeavours

Girls Style (Margaret-Rose Style Cup)

Derek White Award

Boys Style Cup (Johnson Wood Style Cup Boys)

Boys 9U 25m Backstroke

Boys 9U 25m Breaststroke

Boys 9U 25m Butterfly (The Chard Trophy)

Boys 9U 25m Freestyle

Boys 10U 50m Backstroke (The Hague Family Trophy)

Boys 10U 50m Breaststroke (The Sherborne Trophy)

Boys 10U 50m Butterfly

Boys 10U 50m Freestyle (Boon Brown Trophy)

Boys 10U 100m IM

Boys 10U 200IM

Boys 12U 50m Freestyle

Boys 12U 100m Butterfly (TSV Anderten V.1897)

Boys 12U 100m Breaststroke (The Vincent Trophy Under 12 Breaststroke)

Boys 12U 100m Freestyle


Boys 12U 100m


(John Cookson Perpetual Trophy)

Boys 12U 200m IM

Boys 13-14 50m Freestyle

Boys 13-14 100m Backstroke

Boys 13-14 100m Breaststroke (Borden Cup Garcons)

Boys 13-14 100m Butterfly (TSV Anderten V.1897)

Boys 13-14 100m Freestyle (The Tipler Family Trophy)

Boys 13-14 200m IM (MD Pitkins Cup 1975)

Boys 15-16 100m Backstroke (Clements Trophy)


Boys 15-16 50m


Boys 15-16 100m Breaststroke (Yeovil Swimming Club Challenge Cup)

Boys 15-16 100m Butterfly (The Seagar Family Trophy)

Boys 15-16

100m Freestyle

(The Tavener Tropy)

Boys 15-16

200m IM

(The Vickery Trophy)

 Boys 17+ 50m


Boys 17+ 100m


Boys 17+ 100m


Boys 17+ 100m Butterfly

Boys 17+ 100m Freestyle

Boys 17+ 200m IM

Boys Open 50m Freestyle

Boys Open 100m


Boys Open 100m



Boys Open 100m Freestyle (The Steven Family Trophy)

Boys Open 100m Backstroke (The Stevens Family Trophy)

Boys Open 100m Butterfly


Boys Open 200m Breaststroke (YDSC Supporters Club)


Boys Open 200m Butterfly

(Shirley Strickland Memorial Trophy)

Boys Open 200m Backstroke (Andrew Chamerlain Shield)

Boys Open 200m Freestyle (George Hart Challenge Trophy)

Boys Open 200m IM


Boys Open 400m


(The Hallett Trophy)

Boys Open 400m Freestyle (The Wave Trophy)

Boys Open 800m Freestyle (The Carter Family Trophy)

Boys Open 1500m Freestyle

Girls 9U 25m Backstroke

Girls 9U 25m Breaststroke

Girls 9U 25m Butterfly

Girls 9U 25m Freestyle (The White Family Trophy)

Girls 10U 50m Backstroke (The Hake Family Trophy)

Girls 10U 50m Breaststroke

Girls 10U 50m Butterfly

Girls 10U 50m Freestyle


Girls 10U 100m


Girls 10U 200m IM

Girls 12U 50m Freestyle

Girls 12U 100m Freestyle (Y.L.S.C Casket Cup)


Girls 12U 100m



Girls 12U 100m



Girls 12U 100m


(W.E. Palmer Cup)

Girls 12U 200m IM

Girls 13-14 50m Freestyle

Girls 13-14 100m Backstroke (A. Harvey Trophy)

Girls 13-14 100m Butterfly (YLSC Hazel Brown Cup)


Girls 13-14



Girls 13-14 100m Freestyle (YLSC Challenge Bowl)

Girls 13-14 200m IM (The E. Cookson Perpetual Cup)

Girls 15-16 50m Freestyle

Girls 15-16 100m Backstroke (YLSC Banfield Cup)

Girls 15-16 100m Freestyle (JD Saunders Challenge Cup)

Girls 15-16 100m Breaststroke

Girls 15-16 100m Butterfly (The Cowie Family Trophy)

Girls 15-16 200m IM

Girls 17+ 50m Freestyle

Girls 17+ 100m Backstroke

Girls 17+ 100m Breaststroke

Girls 17+ 100m Butterfly

Girls 17+ 100m Freestyle (Kirsty Hine Memorial Shield)

Girls 17+ 200m



Girls Open 50m Freestyle

Girls Open 100m Butterfly (Marsh-Pattinson Cup)


Girls Open 100m


(The Dening Cup)

 Girls Open 100m


(The Ward and Sibley Trophy)

Girls Open 100m Freestyle (Michael Hart Cup)

Girls Open 200m Backstroke (Doreen White Shield)

Girls Open 200m Breaststroke (Bevan Family Trophy)

Girls Open 200m Butterfly (Shirley Strickland Memorial Trophy)

Girls Open 200m Freestyle (Perpetual Challenge Trophy)

Girls Open 200m IM

Girls Open 400m Freestyle (The John Hart Challenge Trophy)

Girls Open 400m Individual Medley (The Marsh Cup)

Girls Open 800m Freestyle

Girls Open 1500m Freestyle (The Aitchison Family Trophy)