Lead Coach: Michelle Harries

Yeovil District Swimming Club’s Mini Skills squad is our entry point for a lot of our younger swimmers and is a great stepping stone in joining the greater Swimming Club. Our team of coaches are focused on refining and developing the knowledge and skills of the swimmers.

These Squads are open to swimmers from around the age of seven. Over time the swimmers will start to understand what the Club is about and will start to familiarise themselves with the coaches and the surroundings whilst improving their strokes and having a little fun on the way.

Some of the swimmers will still continue with their Learn-to-Swim program whilst swimming within these squads which we encourage where possible as the Learn-to-Swim programs are an extremely important stage for all swimmers and should not be missed out.

We have three squads within the Mini Skills: Squads A, B & C The swimmers will gradually work their way up through these over time.

Mini Skills A – Amongst other criteria confidently kick at least two of the four strokes unaided front and back for a distance of at least 5 metres continuously without stopping.  And to fully submerge the whole body underwater in a streamlined position.

Mini Skills B – Amongst other criteria to confidently kick all four strokes for a distance of no less than 10 metres continuously without stopping or breaking the kick pattern.

Mini Skills C– Amongst other criteria to swim all four strokes with arms and legs for a distance of at least 25m without stopping or breaking stroke and to be able to demonstrate the correct breathing.

Time per week: Mini Skills A 30mins, Mini Skills B 45mins & Mini Skills C 45mins

Please see the current Timetable for more information.

To maintain a fun atmosphere whilst teaching swimmers how to prepare for exercise, while developing an efficient technique for all four strokes.

If you have any queries, please talk to your squad Coach.