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Lead Coach: Mark Ovens

Hours per week: 3 hours pool time

Advancing skills, techniques and overall athletic development, and preparing for the
exciting challenges of competing regularly, and beginning the journey in competitive

- Swimmers are generally looking to compete in the future or increase fitness.
- Swimmers can kick 50m of each stroke to a satisfactory standard.
- Swimmers can perform 50m of front-crawl, backstroke and breaststroke to the
satisfaction of the coach, with a minimum of 5m underwater kick.
- Swimmers are working towards Butterfly technique.
- Swimmers can perform 8x25m on 45seconds freestyle, with correct side
- Swimmers are refining tumble turns and touch turns on all four strokes.
- Swimmers can perform a dive from the side of pool.
- Swimmers can perform multiple drills in all strokes to a satisfactory standard.

In order for the swimmer to move forwards with their swimming development it is
important that they attend as many sessions as possible. Although we don't set a
minimum we would suggest at least 2 sessions a week (plus the link session when

If you have any queries, please ask your squad Coach.