YDSC Committee

At Yeovil & District Swimming we are very fortunate to have an amazing bunch of volunteers/parents that make up the committee. They meet up regularly during the year – usually about every four to six weeks.

The current executive committee structure consists of three executive officers; being the Chairman, Club Secretary and Treasurer. In addition, there are other role-based positions on the committee to represent the key functions and operations of the club.

If you have any issues you would like raised at a committee meeting please see a member at the pool or contact us via email.

The club is always on the lookout for new volunteers so if you have some spare time or would like to get involved please contact us: [email protected]

The YDSC committee is made up of the following people:

President – Sharon Card:

Sharon Card

Sharon has the honour of being the YDSC swimming club president and is our figurehead both within and outside of the club. Sharon is also a Level 1 coach who coaches with the skills squad. She is a mum of two and both sons are part of the YDSC club. One of her son’s Ben coaches the Potential squad and the other son swims with the club.

Chairman – John Dixon

John joined YDSC in 2012 having been ‘told off’ by Helen, a former senior coach, and ordered to get his son swimming properly !! He became a member of the committee in 2015, to help with fundraising and became the Chairman in 2017. 

Secretary – Judi Swan

Judi Swan

Judi became a swimming mum when her daughter joined the club in 2018. In early 2019 became assistant secretary, officially becoming club secretary in September of that year. When not busy at her day job as an early years teacher, she keeps the communications going between the committee, coaches and swimmers or officiates at a swim meet as a level 2 judge.

Treasurer – John Kinder

John Kinder

John has been treasurer of YDSC since 2018 and also helps out at the Oxley land training sessions. He has completed a number of triathlons and although he enjoys cycling and running he has to embarrassingly admit that swimming is his worst discipline.

Competition Secretary – Anna Green

Anna Green

Anna joined the YDSC committee in 2021. Anna is a busy bee normally running around her son Jackson to swim sessions or taekwondo or if not this getting ready for a changeover in her busy Air BnB accommodations. Anna and Mike work in tandem to make sure all the swim competitions run smoothly and Anna is the one you usually hear about our swim meets on through email.

Competition Secretary – Mike Frost

Mike Frost

Mike is no stranger to a YDSC volunteer’s polo shirt. Mike has spent many evenings and weekends supporting his swimming son Oliver on the poolsides of Somerset and beyond. As a seasoned Quantity Surveyor Mike is no stranger to a spreadsheet so was the perfect candidate to take on the role of Competition Secretary…..and he’s not boring, honest!”

Website & Promotion – Ashley Tomkins

Ashley Tomkins

Ash helped create the current YDSC website and enjoys updating and staying on top of our site. He is also our PR man, so is generally busy trying to get the next set of results in the paper, populating the notice boards or posting on Facebook. If he’s not working on YDSC stuff or out fishing you might see him poolside either supporting his son & daughter Oliver & Rebecca who currently swim for the club or he could be dressed in whites officiating as he is one of our qualified J1 officials.

Water Polo – Rachel Middlemast

Welfare Officer – Danielle Dodge

Danielle and her daughter Scarlett joined the club in early 2022. Danielle can usually be found in various car parks playing taxi to her three children to their variety of clubs, so decided she could fill some of this time by supporting the swimming club by taking on the role of the YDSC Welfare officer. What Danielle lacks in swimming ability she makes up for, with her friendly presence at the club. She is the point of contact for anyone who may have concerns in the day-to-day goings of the club. She may not always be poolside but when she is, she is always open for a chat and if she isn’t, she is always contactable by email. She will always do her best to safeguard against any issues to maintain a supportive and respected environment for members to have fun and thrive. 

Membership & Asa – Sonia Milsom

Sonia Milsom

Swim Mark – Martin Hooper

Martin Hooper

Martin joined the committee back in 2016 taking on the Swim-Mark role enabling the club to regain Accreditation. Since then he has been responsible for ensuring the club maintains the highest standards and has organised numerous coaching, officiating and team manager courses. He is a Team Manager and J2 Official. When not poolside with his son Rowan or chasing him down rapids in a Kayak you’ll find him working on his small-holding.

Covid Lead – VACANT – Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Trophy Secretary – Cheryl Appleford

Fundraising – Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

When Kate’s not coaching or cheering on the swimmer’s poolside, she helps support the club with fundraising. Kate is also a level one swim coach who helps across all squad groups. Kate has three children and all three children swim at the club and are very successful county-level swimmers whom she is extremely proud of.

Fundraising – Clare Abbott

Claire Abbott

Clare is a happy go-to person always full of life and fun. Clare has three children with her eldest Harry swimming for the club in both county and regional competitions. Clare and kate head up our fundraising and will always be trying to get you to bake some cakes for our bake sales or asking you to buy some raffle tickets for our exciting competitions. Clare is also a J1 Official with the club and can also be seen dressed in white officiating at our swim meets throughout the year.

Swim Shop – Michelle Harries

Michelle Harries

Michelle is a Level 2 Swimming Teacher and Level 2 Swim Coach and also runs our swim shop. Michelle has been volunteering with YDSC since her son and daughter started swimming with the club in 2012.  She loves teaching and coaching, especially the younger swimmers, she gets so much enjoyment seeing the children progressing through the stages and is always very proud to see YDSC swimmers competing at Counties, Regionals, and Nationals.