Once you have successfully joined YDSC there are two fees that you will have to pay. The first is an Annual Club Membership Fee and the second is a monthly squad fee, which varies depending on what squad you are assigned to.

Annual Subscription

All swimmers in all squads will need to pay for their Annual Club Membership. This fee is a one-off payment that is due by the 1st January every year and you will be prompted by the club when this fee is due.

Part of this Annual Membership Fee is paid to Swim England and this helps to cover the swimmer’s membership and registration costs. This fee also helps to cover our insurance costs and other club administration charges. NOTE: All YDSC swimmers must be Swim England members.

Swim England is the English national governing body for swimming. It organises competitions throughout England, establishes the laws of the sport and operates certification and education programmes for teachers, coaches and officials as well as the Learn To Swim Awards scheme. All swimmers who are learning to swim or enter National, District, County or Local Association Championships or Competitions, Open Meets or Swimming Leagues must register with Swim England before they compete.

Where the Annual Membership Fee has not been received the membership will have lapsed and the swimmer will no longer be covered by our insurance, they will not be permitted to swim until the membership fee has been received.

Annual fees are:

  • The Annual Subscription for all squad swimmers aged 9 and above as of 31st December in the same year is £55.00 per member and £35.00 for those below 9.
  • If a swimmer has his/her primary registration with another club, there will be a reduced Annual Subscription payable to YDSC of £20.00 per member.

Monthly Fees

The monthly fees are dependent on the squad that you have been allocated to. The squad prices vary as some squads swim more than others. We are non-profit making Club and we try to keep these monthly fees as low as possible but we still have to regularly review our fees and if any changes have to be made you will be informed through email.

We ask that the monthly fee be paid by standing order into the Club’s account. We do not use cheques/cash as this keeps the payment system streamlined, which makes for a much easier task for our accounts department to control. The fees are payable (divided into 12 equal payments) throughout the full year. We do not swim in August, Christmas, Easter and Bank Holidays but there are no breaks in the monthly fees.

If your monthly fee is not received within 30 days, then a final request for payment will be given. The swimmer will not be permitted to continue swimming until the arrears are paid. If no payment has been received until a further 14 day period, the position will be offered to another swimmer and membership will be terminated.

Please see below our current squad monthly fees: