YDSC Club Captains

The swimming club captain provides a central point of contact and is the vital link for swimmers within the Yeovil & District Swimming Club. All our Club Captains are expected to uphold the utmost respect for all club coaches, teachers and volunteers as well as all swimmers throughout the Club.

YDSC Club Captain Appointment

YDSC will appoint Club Captain roles each year. Sometimes the same person could be made Club Captain more than once if the club feels they are the best candidate.

What is expected of a YDSC club captain?

-You will be enthusiastic with a good knowledge of the club and athletes.

-You will always post a positive image of the Club

-You will attend galas, either as a competitor or as team captain

-You will be approachable and friendly.

-You will have the ability to seek and represent the views of others.

-You will be an excellent communicator.

-You will be a good listener.

-You will be a point of contact for swimmers and provide support and advice where needed.

-To provide a voice for athletes at the club and raise any issues to the committee when necessary.

-To be a positive role model for all members of the club.

-To encourage club members to be involved in social and voluntary activities.

-Assist with social events throughout the year and to welcome new members to the club.

YDSC Current Club Captains 2020/21

Club Captain: Georgina Paine

Junior Club Captain: Ellie Swan