Lead Coach – Paul Perry

Hours per week: 6:45 hours pool time plus 1:15 hours optional technique session and 1 hour land training
Minimum 3 swim sessions + 1-strength and conditioning per week

Advancing skills, technique and overall athletic development, with emphasis on progressing endurance and stamina ability.

– Able to complete both Pre-Pool and Post Pool and understanding of its importance.
– Understanding how to take Heart Rate (HR) including working with PB+ and RPE Model training sets.
– All four strokes legal including legal starts, turns and transitions.
– Must have demonstrated ability to swim a 200IM legally.
– Can complete 4×100 free @ 2.10 with tumble turns to satisfaction of coach.
– Willingness to set personal goals (with guidance from coach) and work towards attaining them with a commitment to team events.
– Must be able to use timing clock independently.
– Continue development fundamental movement skills as part of land training session.

– To swim successfully during club training and competitions aspiring to compete at County/ Regionals, Level 2 and 3 meets (or in other swim disciplines) with strong commitment to the programme.
– Expected to swim for the club in Cotswold League and other team events as directed by the coaching staff.

If you have any queries please ask your squad Coach. Potential Squad is the next level that Development swimmers should be aspiring to. The step up in training time and expectations is quite steep and we would like to bridge that gap. One of the major additions in the Potential squad is the addition of morning training. We have incorporated one morning a week at a very reasonable time to ease Development into the introductions to mornings.    Please also note that this session will also be used as a link session for Junior Development swimmers and the Head Coach will drop in from time to time.   If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to Coach at [email protected]